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February 7, 2022
Caleb H. King

A Digital Staffing Platform is a Linchpin for the Agile Workforce

A report by Ardent Partners shows that the changing world of work demands that businesses identify and leverage the talent and technology that will enable them to thrive in challenging times. Today, COVID-19 has made this more clear than ever.

The report also states that the size of the non-employee workforce used by an average business — currently at 41.5%, 2.5 times bigger than it was 10 years ago — is changing businesses’ focus. Many organizations have realized that having an agile workforce is vital, and 81% of businesses say having business agility is a top priority.

Digital staffing platforms provide businesses access to on-demand top-tier talent and technology, which are critical to building an agile workforce.

Teh report also reveals the following digital staffing trends:

  • Almost 70% of businesses state that on-demand sources of talent, like digital staffing platforms and online talent marketplaces, is a major change in how they work
  • 83% of organizations believe that investing in new technology and innovative talent engagement platforms is a top priority
  • 58% of businesses see is a need for better project-talent alignment to drive a better business outcome
  • 63% of businesses think that mastering talent acquisition is a top business priority
  • 62% of organizations see having a holistic talent acquisition strategy as crucial for agility, and for delivering the best possible project-talent match
  • 63% of businesses are finding it difficult to hire perman‌‌ent talent


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We offer an ability to assemble teams of vetted professionals directly with unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability and transparency.

Mplace Legal Digital Staffing

In the last five years, Mplace has been providing law firms and e-discovery providers access to a pool of highly qualified vetted contract lawyers for document review, contract review, and due diligence projects.

On Mplace, law firms and businesses that need legal staffing for their projects can find highly skilled contract lawyers across various practice area,s no matter the size of the project. With a database of 7500+ vetted professionals, businesses are sure to find contract lawyers with the expertise they need in any location.

How Mplace Works

Mplace’s mobile app and mobile-friendly website allow professionals to sign up for free. Mplace also runs a criminal background check on the professionals at no cost. To get access to professionals, businesses only need to describe their projects and staffing needs. Mplace will match them with the professionals best suited for their projects. Mplace takes into consideration their qualifications, area of expertise, and prior experience in matching them with staffing clients.

Mplace also gives its clients full control in the recruitment process. There is full transparency, and businesses that need staffing communicate directly with the professionals. Professionals receive the project details, which include the pay rate and project duration, and are at liberty to accept or reject the project.

Mplace Cyber and other markets

After achieving a high level of success in providing legal digital staffing, Mplace has now expanded to cybersecurity digital staffing. Mplace has gone a step further, and are partnered with a leading cybersecurity training organization to allow people interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity to acquire their certifications.

Get Ahead With Mplace’s Digital Staffing

Mplace’s intuitive platform is easy to use, mobile friendly, and designed to give organizations and candidates the transparency they need to communicate and build a rock-solid working relationship from start to finish. Law firms and organizations that need legal or cybersecurity digital staffing will benefit from the wide pool of qualified and pre-vetted professionals that Mplace offers.

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