How Mplace Works

A Seamless Process Powered by Staftr

Membership is Free to all Professionals

Mplace, powered by Staftr, is a mobile-first staffing platform that connects verified professionals with interested staffing clients.


Complete your profile, update your conflicts, and let Mplace do the rest. Our vetting process is free and secure.


Real Jobs in Real Time. Mplace sends an offer with relevant details when a client pre-selects you for a project.


Accept the jobs that work for you and you’ve got your next gig.

See How Mplace Works For Professionals

Explore how Mplace, powered by Staftr’s innovative staffing technology, simplifies the process of finding and securing job opportunities. Our platform ensures that your professional journey is supported by powerful tools and a reliable network.


Real Jobs in Re al Time

Mplace sends an alert when a client pre-selects you for a project.

You're in Control

​The client provides project details for your review in real time, giving you the facts you need to accept or reject an offer.


Our automated conflict manager has already pre-screened your profile. Other than a quick question or two, there is nothing more to do. Conflict decisions are made immediately.

You've got your next gig

Client-specific paperwork is handled automatically – in most cases there’s nothing more for you to do.

Your Opinion Matters

​When your project ends, our two-way rating system completes our transparent process

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