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Match our qualified professionals to your project requirements and scale like never before.

Who We Are

Mplace, powered by Staftr, has 9 years connecting legal firms with review professionals ready to work Speed and Ease

Mplace can help you scale projects with exact requirements faster, easier and less expensively than traditional models. When you join our subscription service, you get access to:


The Mplace database of 7500+ fully vetted legal professionals

Mplace helps your firm maintain a sharp edge as we deliver comprehensive staffing solutions that meet the needs and exact requirements of any size project. Arm your legal teams with the best review professionals.

Mplace Administrative Tools to automate the onboarding process, reviews and conflict management

Precisely match review professionals with legal firms in compressed time. All Mplace members have fully verified education and professional licensing. Define the project criteria and relax as Mplace finds the best professionals for your needs.


Advantages for our Partners

The ability to assemble teams of vetted professionals directly with unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability, and transparency.


All details, including the pay rate, flow directly from the client to you, the professional. You’ve been selected in advance and now you’re in control.

Vetted Professionals

In addition to verifying education and professional licensing, Mplace performs a criminal background check.

Mobile Based

Receive project details, respond to employment offers, log time, and communicate with project managers in real time from your mobile device.


The client already picked you. You have presumptively cleared conflicts. The decision is yours. Accept the project in real time.

Good Work is Recognized

Our two-way rating system encourages feedback and puts your good rating “front and center” when clients are picking their team.

Easy Conflict Management

The Mplace Conflict Manager is a repository for your work history. Project conflict details are automatically recorded and, best of all, client-specific forms are filled out automatically.

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