Mobile Staffing Platforms and Their Advantages

Staffing Platforms

April 8, 2022
Caleb H. King

Mobile Staffing Platforms

As an increasing number of companies digitize their assets, the need for remote workers specializing in fields such as legal document review and cybersecurity has skyrocketed. This trend has been accompanied by a corresponding explosion in demand for efficient hiring platforms such as mobile-first staffing platforms. Also known as on-demand staffing service providers or mobile marketplaces, mobile staffing platforms are phone apps that allow employers and agencies to quickly hire and vet staff for short-term positions such as managed document review projects.

In contrast to traditional staffing models, digital staffing platforms like Mplace allow employers to hire contract workers with just a few taps of their fingers. Feature-packed and future-proofed, Mplace has partnered with companies to enable direct communication between professionals and hiring managers and to streamline the hiring process. Once a potential hire matches with a shift or gig, employers can quickly approve or deny the job through their phones. No extensive paperwork is required.

Whether you’re looking for document review lawyers or cybersecurity professionals, Mplace can help you locate the talent you need. Mplace also provides many benefits for applicants looking for jobs and gigs in the legal and cybersecurity fields. Read on to learn more about how MPlace can put real-time scaling, vetting, and digital staffing to work for you.

Mplace’s On-Demand Staffing Model

Mplace is a mobile-first on-demand staffing mobile app that connects companies with verified professionals.

Unlike traditional agencies and job boards, we use a mobile app to expedite the hiring process, so direct communication with potential hires is quick and easy. After telling us what kind of project you want staffed, we will show you in real-time which professionals fit your qualifications. You can then choose who you want on your team and send offers as needed. Offers, resumes, and messages can be sent and received within seconds, so you can staff your projects within minutes. Whether you need a team of five or a hundred, we will assemble, hire, and onboard top-notch legal and cybersecurity talent as quickly as possible.

Document Review Staffing

If you’re looking for contract lawyers for your next managed document review project, Mplace can help you locate suitable document review lawyers. To be included in our talent pool, all of our lawyers go through a strict screening process that includes:

  • Verification of education, licenses, and credentials
  • Criminal background checks
  • American Translator Association interpreter certifications (as needed)

If you need lawyers to code foreign language documents, we will hand-pick professionals from our pre-vetted database of 2,516 verified foreign language review professionals. These currently include 1,068 certified in Spanish, 524 in French, and 135 in Cantonese and Mandarin. Our foreign language lawyers know more than just a little bit of a language—they specialize in foreign languages and understand the nuance, intent, tone, and style of legal documents. By outsourcing your foreign language document review needs instead of relying on bilingual staff members and translators, you’ll be able to avoid costly errors.


We are live and continuing to expand to markets across the country. Join today.


We offer an ability to assemble teams of vetted professionals directly with unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability and transparency.

Cybersecurity Staffing

With an increasing number of enterprises moving online due to COVID-19, cybercriminals have been stepping up their game. As such, cybersecurity professionals have become hot commodities and it has become increasingly difficult to hire full-time cybersecurity personnel due to a lack of resources across the board. According to Forbes, finding an experienced Security Engineer or Analyst, Threat Researcher, or Cloud Security Architect typically takes several months of searching. This means your company will be vulnerable to attacks if you don’t already have a cybersecurity team defending your enterprise 24/7.

Fortunately, Mplace has a solution. We are the first mobile app matching companies with cybersecurity talent. If you’re looking to assemble a cybersecurity team to defend against cybersecurity threats, we can quickly find qualified professionals for you.

As with our document review staffing services, we offer the following:

  • Real-time staffing
  • Pre-selection of professionals based on your needs
  • Verification of education, licenses, and credentials
  • Criminal background checks

Our talent pool consists of the following positions and more:

  • Network Administrator, which requires a cybersecurity expert to master a company’s network topology to protect it from attackers
  • Security Engineer, who will monitor and respond to data breaches, deploy security strategies to keep your company in compliance with relevant cybersecurity standards, and test network vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Tester, who will use their ethical cyber hacking skills to pinpoint vulnerabilities that can expose your enterprise to dangerous third parties
  • SOC Analyst, who will be indispensable to your cybersecurity defense team, since the position requires analyzing vulnerabilities and cyber incidents that threaten the company’s IT environment

Benefits for Job-Seeking Professionals

Mplace isn’t just a great staffing solution for companies — it also provides many benefits for job seekers.

Firstly, we put job seekers in control. After joining our platform for free, professionals will send us their resumes and credentials. After deciding to add them to our talent pool, we will connect them with jobs that match their specific credentials and expertise. Professionals will then receive all the details of the jobs for which they qualify, including pay rate, so they can determine if a job is a good fit for them. We automate conflict management, so job seekers only receive job offers that fit their time schedule.

Because we believe it’s important to support and encourage professionals, we have also included a rating system that encourages feedback to boost workers’ and companies’ visibility in our ecosystem and to provide transparency. Our rating system is two-way, which means professionals get to rate companies and vice versa. This innovative feature stands in stark contrast with traditional legal staffing settings, where the only feedback about an employer is through word of mouth from friends, colleagues, or strangers online.

We highly recommend using MPlace to find document review gigs to recent law school graduates. We know how difficult it is for fresh grads to secure jobs and gigs — many fresh graduates have sent out their resumes to staffing agencies without getting a single call back. Even if they do receive a call back, they still have to submit multiple cover letters and wait for each agency to vet you before starting to work.

In contrast, a professional who joins our talent pool, will be able to communicate directly with multiple companies. This will speed up the hiring and onboarding process so they can begin work as soon as possible. All they have to do is create a profile and submit their educational and licensing credentials for vetting. Once we’ve added them to our pool, they will receive real-time mobile notifications for document review jobs, including remote out-of-state jobs. All of our onboarding documents are accessible through the app and client-specific forms are automatically filled out.

Experience the Mplace Difference

Mplace is a premier mobile marketplace for onboarding and matching qualified professionals to companies that need their expertise. For both legal and cybersecurity fields, we offer a streamlined and automated way to vet, verify, and onboard professionals.

If you’re a business partner looking to hire talent, you can also request a free demo. After you’ve created an account, set your project criteria and choose pre-screened and pre-qualified professionals based on your requirements. We will then send you the profiles of pre-vetted professionals who are the best fit for your projects.

If you’re a professional looking for work, complete your profile, tell us your conflicts, and let us do the rest. Membership is free for professionals and our vetting process is free and secure.


Then download our mobile app and get updates, see notices, and accept jobs from anywhere with a cellular or WiFi connection.