Legal Document Review Staffing Trends

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June 13, 2022
Caleb H. King

Document Review Staffing

Document review is the process of reviewing electronic or hardcopy documents for privilege or relevance. It requires specialized employees—usually licensed attorneys. Companies need to know their positions will be filled by competent employees who can handle the rigors of document review. Mplace is a leading marketplace for matching and onboarding qualified legal document reviewers.

Document review jobs are highly sought after and the market is competitive. You want to make sure you are getting people who meet your staffing needs. Staffing needs for legal document review jobs include, but are not limited to:

  • Law license
  • Remote work capabilities
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • High-level attention to detail
  • Experience in particular areas of practice

Mplace gives you the tools you need to quickly vet and onboard legal review staff that are qualified and ready to work. You can easily set qualifications and expectations, and get matched with appropriate attorneys to complete your projects.

Requirements for Staffing the Document Review Process

Hiring document reviewers can be complicated and requires a nuanced. understanding not only of your own situation and the relevant laws, but of the market in general. At Mplace, we do al that work for you, supplying you with a list of pre-qualified candidates from which you can assemble a team that meets your needs.

Fast-Paced Staffing Process

Document review is a fast-paced and constantly changing sector of the legal industry. Projects vary wildly in length and scope, but are almost always urgent matters with serious consequences. Staffing a document review team quickly is essential to a successful review process. When you save time getting your project staffed, you save time and money completing the important document review necessary to pursue your case.

Fast-paced staffing means planning ahead. With Mplace, you can take full advantage of the large pool of qualified candidates out there, without having to spend time searching for them. Instead, qualified legal document reviewers will:

  • Create an account with Mplace
  • Be fully vetted, including potential conflicts
  • Receive offers for document review jobs for which they are qualified
  • Accept jobs and get to work

Our system connects verified professionals with interested clients. Save time and money by hiring reviewers who are pre-qualified and experienced.


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We offer an ability to assemble teams of vetted professionals directly with unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability and transparency.

Clear Project Turnaround Times

Document review requires that specific deadlines be met. This ensures your case proceeds in a timely manner without unnecessary delay or expense. Reviewers need to know by when they must complete their projects. With Mplace, you can create clear deadlines for your projects to make sure that document review staff meet those expectations. When you have control of how your project progresses, you can protect your bottom line and ensure there’s no wasted time or money.

Licensed Attorneys

Most legal document review projects require licensed attorneys. If you try to hire directly, you have to vet those candidates, check their licensure, and review their experience. Interviewing and reading resumes is time-consuming and frustrating. Instead, you can have a set of qualified candidates ready and available to work for you.

Legal staffing managers can leverage the speed and ease Mplace provides to meet the demand for review professionals. You can communicate directly and instantly to submit offers to attorneys who have been pre-vetted for you. You can precisely match reviewers with legal firms in a compressed time period. All of our members have fully verified professional licensing and education backgrounds.

Experience in Certain Practice Areas

Some cases require specialized experience to handle. Highly complex documents in complicated legal fields may require experience beyond that offered by a typical candidate. With Mplace, you can set the parameters of what you need from your document reviewer. Mplace then matches you with candidates that qualify for your project criteria. Then, you can move forward with your document review project knowing you are getting qualified employees.

Remote Work Capabilities

Like much of life, document review work has migrated online over the past few years. Online document review offers your business or law firm flexibility and the ability to hire the most qualified professionals from around the country. It also saves you workspace expenses caused by in-person work. Mplace gives you the ability to remotely contract document review work and connect with qualified individuals ready to complete your projects.

Different Roles Involved in the Document Review Process

Effective document review requires workers in many different roles to collaborate seamlessly. You can streamline this process by working with Mplace staffing. Through Mplace, each role is connected and can communicate directly to expedite your legal document review projects. Different roles include:

Project Managers

Project managers are in charge of getting the project to the finish line. This involves many key responsibilities, including staffing. Mplace empowers project managers by streamlining the hiring process. With Mplace, project can:

  • Present pertinent information about a project
  • Be precisely matched with qualified legal document reviewers
  • Communicate directly with your staff about project needs and deadlines
  • Discuss expectations and any necessary corrections
  • Complete projects remotely

Mplace’s administrative tools make sure you and your reviewer are a good match. Ultimately, you have control over who you work with and how the project gets done.

Team Leads

Many projects require a team lead to oversee the actual work. A team lead is only as good as their team. Fully vetted and licensed attorneys available through Mplace put your team lead in a position to succeed. Team leads are often responsible for:

  • Setting review workflow and strategy
  • Assisting project managers in managing client relationships
  • Creating and tracking timelines for completion of projects
  • Working to onboard new document reviewers
  • Managing several projects at the same time
  • Training and guiding review teams
  • Promoting uniformity of procedures and executing high-quality product
  • Interviewing and building project teams

A team lead’s job tends to run more smoothly when working with Mplace. The team lead can create and set appropriate deadlines that are met by contracted staff.

Document Review Professionals

Mplace eases the process of searching for a document review job. Licensed attorneys can use the app to find appropriate document review jobs that fit their qualifications. Discovery review attorneys carry many important responsibilities, including:

  • Performing substantive document review
  • Utilizing legal document review software
  • Reviewing documents for certain metrics
  • Assisting with privilege and redaction logs
  • Performing conflict checks
  • Narrowing the scope of review for project managers
  • Providing relevance reviews
  • Collecting and organize materials based on team lead requirements

These and many other jobs performed by a document review professional require experience and training. You want to ensure you have the right person for the job. To do this, legal staffing managers can pull from our team of pre-vetted lawyers and attorneys. Finding your next document reviewer does not have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Technology Used to Simplify Communication and Onboarding

Every year, technology increases its influence on the document review process. This trend holds true for staffing your legal document review projects as well. With the right technology at your disposal, you are no longer required to pour through resumes and pay your people to find qualified reviewers. Mplace can do that for you.

Virtual Communication Platforms

With Mplaec, you can communicate directly with your professionals through an easy-to-use virtual communication platform: the Mplace app. Mplace’s app lets you:

  • Communicate scope of work expectations
  • Set appropriate deadlines
  • Provide comments to the professional
  • Resolve disputes
  • Give two-way feedback

A virtual communication platform lets you manage your projects with ease. The mobile app makes it easy for you to be in touch with every document review professional you have working for you. You can also use the platform to integrate the attorney into your internal systems when you prefer to communicate there instead. You are given the flexibility you need when using our virtual staffing app.

Real-Time Messaging

Real-time messaging lets you speak with your professionals right away. Emailing back and forth can be a massive inconvenience. Instead, you can chat directly with your reviewer to communicate what you need when you need it.

Real-time messaging can also empower you to hire quickly when you need it. As professionals are pre-vetted, your work is instantly communicated with qualified individuals. If you have any questions for them, you can ask right away and get a quick response. You don’t have to wait days or weeks to get your positions filled and work towards your project goals. Real-time messaging through Mplace lets you get started right away.

Virtual Onboarding Documentation

A 100% virtual onboarding process gets your document reviewers started without ever having to step foot in a physical office. All employment and independent contractor paperwork is handled online through the Mplace software. You will have verified and ready-to-work reviewers ready to go by the day you need them.

You can use the remote-enabled onboarding platform to:

  • Relay essential information and get your worker started off on the right foot
  • Tailor digital onboarding information for efficiency
  • Complete employment paperwork
  • Create an agenda for the first project
  • Get them connected with relevant communication channels
  • Go over procedures and HR policies
  • Discuss responsibilities and expectations of the role

You can get your workers prepared for their first project easily and without traditional paperwork. Virtual onboarding through Mplace will help you get your new document review started on time.

Use the Mplace Staffing Platform for Your Legal Document Review Needs

Mplace has years of experience in connecting legal firms with review professionals. You can scale projects with exact requirements easily and with less expense as compared to traditional hiring models. When you join our subscription service, you get access to vetted professionals, automated onboarding, conflict management, and much more.

The Mplace staffing platform can accommodate the needs of your document review projects. Request a demo to get started.


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