Future Digital Staffing Trends

Digital Staffing

December 29, 2021
Caleb H. King

How businesses use technology in their recruitment processes has seen a dramatic transformation in the last couple of years. From finding full-time employees to finding temporary on-demand staff, technology has given businesses easier access to a highly skilled workforce.

One key way businesses do this is digital staffing. Many organizations are realizing that digital staffing platforms are key to building an agile workforce.

What is Digital Staffing?

Digital staffing is the new way businesses find top-tier talent for specific, short term projects. Digital staffing platforms provide a pool of qualified candidates that organizations can leverage to meet their staffing needs for specific projects.

Digital staffing platforms use technology to streamline how organizations meet their temporary staffing needs. Organizations can describe their projects, get matched to qualified candidates automatically, vet those candidates online, and onboard them. While using temporary staffing is not a new thing, digital staffing platforms have made finding short-term staffing easier.

The Rise of Digital Staffing Platforms

Many organizations rely on digital staffing platforms to gain access to a pool of talent for short term tasks that are time intensive and require expertise. A report revealed that the use of digital staffing platforms has increased by almost 300% in recent years, indicating that businesses have altered the way they source talent. At the same time, it reflects the shift towards project-based work.

This isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. With remote work and the explosion of the “gig economy,” the way we think about work has changed. Statista showed that there were 59 million freelancers in the United States in 2020. Many of these freelancers use digital staffing platforms to land roles.


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Benefits of Digital Staffing and Digital Staffing Platforms

With the changes happening in the way businesses source for talent, digital staffing platforms offer the following benefits:

Access to top-tier and wider talent pool

Candidates now want to be in charge of when, where, and how they work. They want to choose the jobs they do instead of being assigned one. Many people are turning to digital staffing platforms to find work because these platforms offer choice and flexibilty, where algorithms match businesses with the best candidates for their projects.

Cost-effective and time saving

According to Glassdoor, the average employer in the United States spends an average of $4,000 to hire a new employee. It also usually takes about 24 days to make a successful hire. By automating the mundane tasks usually done by a recruiter, like contacting a candidate, digital staffing platforms help organizations to hire at a lower cost.

Contrary to what many think, having a slow recruiting process is not a smart recruitment style. When businesses delay their hiring process, they’re likely to lose out on top talent. Statistics released by Officevibe reveal that top candidates are snatched out of the market in about 10 days.

When businesses use digital staffing in their hiring process, they’re more likely to attract top candidates, easily vet them, and move faster in their hiring process.

More control over candidate choice

Digital staffing platforms give businesses more control over the candidates they select. When businesses are more involved in their hiring process, they can choose candidates based on how well they fit with the existing company culture. After all, nobody can understand an organization better than the organization.

Digital staffing platforms specialize in curating talent for particular industries. For example, Mplace started as a legal digital staffing platform, and Trusted health is for nurses. Businesses that need those specialized talents have a wide range of skilled specialists, from people just starting their careers to industry vets, to choose from.

Workforce management

Businesses can use digital staffing platforms to onboard candidates and make quick adjustment to projected hiring needs, leading to better workforce management.


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