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The Mplace Staffing Difference

Whether you are looking to find top legal or other professionals, Mplace, powered by Staftr, can help you identify and onboard qualified talent to meet your project’s requirements. We streamline the process to make scaling projects and assembling teams effortless.

Staff with Confidence

Mplace performs criminal background checks, verifies education and professional licensing to let you hire with confidence.

Engage with Candidates Directly

Expedite the search with direct communication to selected candidates so you can share project details in real time.

Expedite with Mobile Accessibility

Ensure anytime, anywhere mobile access to securely expedite the onboarding process.

Build a Culture of Confidence

Our rating system encourages transparency and engagement in the Mplace ecosystem.

Avoid Conflicts

The Mplace Conflict Manager is a work history repository that records conflict details automatically to give you peace of mind.

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