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Build a fierce cyberworkforce with unprecedented levels of efficiency, reliability, and transparency.

You Pick Your Team

The Mplace app provides fast, accurate, and direct communication to assemble your team of vetted professionals.

You Set The Terms

In real time, we show you which vetted professionals match your qualifications. You decide who you want on your team - and make them a compelling offer.

Professionals Are Verified

A third party verifies education, and professional licensing and performs a criminal background check on all members.

Cybersecurity Needs

Enterprises must adhere to stringent legal and regulatory mandates to protect data in today’s vulnerable cyber landscape. Employers are scrambling to build their arsenal of cyber resources and arm their cyberdefense strategy with talented cyber professionals to keep enterprise data safe and thwart inevitable cyberattacks.

With the anticipation of 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021, the unprecedented an abundant of non-technical and technical cybersecurity career opportunities for eager minded cyber enthusiasts and skilled cyber professionals.

Mplace Cyber is the 1st CyberMarket-Network to arm the cybersecurity community with comprehensive staffing, education, and training solutions. We have adopted and integrated the NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework into our process and programming. This industry standard framework enables Mplace Cyber to connect employers with a cybersecurity workforce that is equipped with the KSAs necessary to achieve a cyberdefense strategy.

Mplace Cyber has also teamed-up with leading cyber education, training and certification providers to help current and future members of the cybersecurity workforce invest in themselves and obtain the in-demand skills necessary to thrive in this booming industry.

Employers, cyber professionals, and cyber enthusiasts can now leverage the best elements of cyber networks with Mplace Cyber and collectively stomp cybercrime.

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