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Mplace is the first market-network matching cybersecurity jobs to qualified talent. We understand the threat of cyberattacks and the need for organizations to keep data safe. We have the expertise and talent database to help you build your cyber defense.

The Mplace Cyber Advantages


Preselect Professionals

Automatically match qualified cybersecurtiy professionals to your specific needs. Staff projects for specific needs.

Terms and Offers

Set your terms and send offers directly to canidates. Real time alerts prompt canidates to take action on offers as soon as possible.

Real Time Staffing

Make staffing decisions in real time. Review work history and potential conflicts to finalize staffing selections quickly.


Expedite the final phase with a secure digital onboarding process.

The Market Network of Mplace Cyber

Mplace Cyber is the 1st Cybersecurity Network to arm the cybersecurity community with comprehensive staffing, education, and training solutions. We have adopted and integrated the NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework into our process and programming. This industry standard framework enables Mplace Cyber to connect employers with a cybersecurity workforce that is equipped with the KSAs necessary to achieve a cyberdefense strategy.

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