Mplace Cyber is your staffing placement solution
Cybercriminals are leading the game. They’re infiltrating unarmed enterprises relentlessly.
Enterprises leverage Mplace Cyber's expeditious and smooth staffing solutions to get ahead of cybercrime.
Mplace Cyber does all the dirty administrative and third-party work. Employers can instantly communicate and submit offers directly to pre-screened and qualified professionals. Professionals can make an informed decision within 45 seconds.

Cybersecurity Jobs

will be unfilled by 2021


More Cybercrime

than unfilled jobs by 2021



will need to be protected by 2020


Cybercrime cost

annual damage by 2021

Handle Large Project Needs at Scale with Exact Requirements

Enterprises must scaleup cyberdefense projects to maintain a sharp edge in an increasingly hostile cyber environment.

Mplace Cyber delivers comprehensive staffing, education and training solutions to meet the needs and exact requirements of any size project. We arm cyber teams with the best cyber professionals,

Mplace Cyber is the edge that you need to rapidly turn the game on cybercrime.
Our CyberMarket-Network and finely-tuned tools enable us to precisely match professionals with enterprises and deliver staffing solutions in compressed time.

You define your criteria and simply relax, while Mplace Cyber quickly puts it all together for you.

The Mplace Cyber Platform Advantages


Mobile Based

Receive project and job information, respond to employment offers, and communicate with project managers in real time from your mobile device on the Mplace mobile app.

Quality Work Is Recognized

Our rating system encourages feedback and highlights your rating and skills for potential employers and recruiters.


Job and project details, including pay rate, flow directly from the client to you, the professional. You've been selected by the client to receive a job offer. Now it's in your control.

Vetted and Verified Professionals

In addition to verifying education, professional licensing, and certificates, Mplace performs a criminal background check.
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